Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Tis the time of year again; spring has sprung and our 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt is around the corner. Two weeks from today on Saturday, April 19th the hunt will begin at 1:00 P.M. sharp. Please bring your own Easter basket to collect your own eggs and boots; for the farm could get a little muddy...Hehehe!

Tony will lead the parade down out to the hunt in typical "Snug Fashion" as he did last year and he will let the hunt commence. Afterwards there will be ole fashion Easter games such as egg tossing and three legged races in burlap sacks on the front lawn.

There will be fresh spring refreshments available and the hunt will be free and open to the public as usual. We will have also have a photo booth set up with our dear bunny friends Marley & Lily that you can take photos with your loved ones!

In addition our shop will be open filled with springtime goodies like plush rabbits and chicks and farm fresh eggs will also be available!
We hope its a spectacularly warm weekend for you all to enjoy! See you then at the Snug Harbor Farm 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!!!!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Flawlessly Fragrant

It's the end of March and old man winter still has a tight grip on us here in Maine, but the unique blooming plants in our greenhouses have no idea what the elements outside feel like! With many of them complexly fragrant each greenhouse you walk into here on the farm you are hit with a wave of perfumed warm air. We wanted to showcase them for you our friends and fans; and if you have a chance swing by and take a whiff yourself.

We are starting off with my absolute favorite the orchid pictured above maxillaria tenuifolia. This orchid smells exactly like a pina colada and immediately transports you to a tropical island with enhaling.

Stephanotis The classic wedding flower above is a native to Madagascar. Growing to 20 feet or more, it's native habitat as a woody climber with glossy, leathery oval leaves and clusters of pure white, waxy, intensely fragrant tubular flowers that smell sort of like honeysuckles.

We grow many Mediterranean plants here on the farm most of which are trained as topiaries. This variety of rosemary called 'Irene' is a prostrate form we grow onto globe trellises. Both its foliage and tiny purple-white flowers exude what else, but that true rosemary aroma.

Another herb that is trained into topiaries is the classic lavender. This variety lavendula dentata is not zone hardy and must be kept from the cold teperatures. The flowers and foliage can be harvested and dried and placed into pillows or infused with oil.

We started to under plant some of our larger lavender topiaries with this sweet honey scented lobularia 'snow princess'. Also known as sweet alyssum this dainty flowering annual is low and keeps low to the ground perfect for the edges of walkways where there scent will be released by passer byes.

We grow some scented sub-shrubs here as well like the pitisporum tobira, native to Japan, China, and Korea. Not only does this plant produce and abundance of citrus noted white blooms, the variegated foliage is just another added bonus.

Talk about fragrant flowers and one with any plant knowledge will think of heliotrope immediately. This strongly vanilla-scented purple flowering annual is outstanding in the garden or a container and will bloom non-stop all summer long!

Some of our fragrant blooms actually produce edible fruit like the myer lemon above. Super strong and spicy it oddly smells nothing like a lemon. We also have flowering limes as well and will be expanding our collection of citrus this summer for you the public.

Now for the scented showstoppers; the jasmines. Above with its ruffled 2 inch blooms is the dwarf jasmine tree or radermachera kunmin, native to south east Asia. Growing only to 4 feet it makes a perfect specimen in and mossy Snug Harbor Farm pot.

One of everyone's favorites that they are always asking for is the night blooming jasmine photographed above. Cestrum nocturum produces abundant tubular white flowers that release a powerful, sweet perfume at night. This plant should be placed on a porch or patio where you can enjoy the heavenly scent on a warm summer evening.

The jasmine pictured above is the ultimate classic one, jasminum sambac. The intense white flowers are used for perfumes and for making tea. It is the national flower of the Philippines, and it is also one of the three national flowers of Indonesia so it must be loved by many people around the world.
A more unusual beautiful plant is the Chinese perfume plant or aglaia odorata below. Tiny yellow flowers appear on and off throughout the year and have a delicate sweet fragrance. Its habit is upright and bushy, and it does well under conditions of low light and low humidity. Even with little maintenance, this is the kind of plant that becomes an enduring friend for years to come.
So the next time you join us here at the farm ask us to show you some of our favorite flawlessly fragrant plants. As the year goes on there will be more and more for you to enjoy so be sure to make a visit!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Snug's Spring Shopping Guide!

While wrapping up the Boston Flower Show last week we are sure in the mood for spring here at SHF. The weather is hopefully taking a turn for the better now with warmer longer days, so we thought it be a great time to show you some of our spring offerings that will cheer anyone of you fans up! Here is a showcase of just some bright cheery offerings we have here at the farm!

Our classic myrtle topiaries scream spring and add a classy look to anyone's home. We are particular smitten with our globe myrtles pictured above in our own Snug Harbor Farm mossy, terra cotta azalea pot.
You can achieve a really fun look in any room with a elegant terrarium pictured below. We have them created and ready for you in the shop. We also have unique empty vessels and small plants that you can take home and make one yourself.

If you don't have a green thumb; no problem! How about this felted young sapling pictured above. No light, no water is needed and would look great for your spring table or mantle piece. The majolica leaf platter below would look amazing piled high with Easter cookies or cupcakes.

Speaking of Easter we have these adorable plush spring chicks and ducklings. Everyone falls in love with them kids and adults alike! The spring elf as well cheers anyone up once you see him smiling at you in the home or garden.

If your going to be tackling your spring cleaning as we are here in the shop then nothing is better than our line of Cucina products. From glass cleaner and hand soap, to counter top spray we have it covered and the scents are absolutely fresh!
On the topic of soap we have so many choices here in the shop from pine scented, and olive oil based to sea salt and sage. All are top quality and beautiful to your eyes and nose.

If all that cleaning makes you hungry we have many types of off the chart cookbooks like the vegetable themed 'Vegetable Literacy' and the indispensable 'Tender' by Nigel Slater. Both are wonderfully illustrated the pages just make your mouth water.

Now is the time to get out in the gardens! Though to early to plant you could hang one of our one of a kind birch birdhouses. All handcrafted they are made right here in Maine. St. Fiachre is the patron saint of gardening so putting one of the statues below in your bed or border and you will be blessed with success!

At last below the tail tell sign of spring is the fiddlehead. It's too early yet to begin seeing them emerge in your garden, but these ceramic ones will always remind you of the emerging spring.

So we hope to see you at the farm this spring everyone! We are open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed only on major holidays. Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Boston Flower Show Highlights

Here is just a quick peak of some of the highlights from the Boston Flower Show we have just participated in the last week. It was tremendous effort from everyone here on the team at SHF. We set up our booth last Monday and the show began on Wednesday. Now with today being our final, here are just a few of the many highlights too many to list and describe.

There were floral competitions on one whole side of the convention center. This particular one caught my eye in where floral designers had to make a bicycle into a botanical work of art.

The major theme though of the flower show was 'Romance In The Garden'. All the display gardens created by garden designers had to reflect that specific theme so it was no wonder, outdoor beds, water features, fireplaces and bottles of wine on display were prevalent and well done!

Pictured above is a view from our booth when the crowds came rolling in at 10:00 a.m. on opening day.

Besides the begonia society and MASS Hort's displays, there was the Bonsai Society's magical booth. I loved how they took even miniature daffodils and perennials and put them in bonsai pots creating special tiny vignettes.

Here pictured above is a shot of our booth decked out with topiaries, ferns, succulents and statuary. Across from us was Karen and I's favorite display; the Orchid Societies. They really brought down the house with all their cultivars and species. The following images are just some of the more than a hundred that they were showing off last week.

So we hope you enjoyed this quick look at the highlights from the Boston Flower Show if you couldn't have made it this year. We are now gearing up for our final show of the season before summer Trade Secrets. We will be there on May 17th in Sharon, Connecticut so stay tuned for more details!